Meet The Owner

Meet GodDESs
Pictured wearing the XL All Day Clincher 
     GodDESs is a 25 year old serial entrepreneur from the DMV (DC, Maryland, and Virginia Metropolitan Area). From a young age, she knew she wanted more out of life, and has always had dreams of becoming successful. Once in college, GodDESs experienced her very first spiritual awakening that changed her life forever. Everything she once knew about life had changed, at what had seemed to be overnight. Through this awakening, she learned what it really meant to have self love and put herself first. Due to this new sense of self, she began her journey of health and wellness, and began encouraging people to eat healthy, exercise, and detox. Through her journey, she's been able to help many people improve their health, and has even lost 30 pounds through her own health and wellness business. After stepping into this field full time, GodDESs embarked on a new journey of providing women with luxurious, body shaping garments that will help them to feel like a Goddess as well. GodDESs created The God Bawdy for women like you, who are beautiful, confident, and full of love. It is GodDESs' mission with The God Bawdy, to help you improve your image of self and help you learn how to be the woman of your own dreams. Often times self love begins with how you look and feel. GodDESs has a dream to help women around the world feel happy and proud of what they see in the mirror. It doesn't matter your size, shape, race, ethnicity, color, sex, or gender identification, everyone deserve to be at peace with you they truly are. Beauty is more than just about how you look on the outside, but more about how you feel on the inside. Remember to always embrace your inner Goddess, because everyone is a Goddess at The God Bawdy. 
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